DV-F 3 or 4 Ways
CLASS 150, NPS 1/2"-6"

Floating ball, CLASS 150
DV Type 3 or 4 way


Full bore in L, T, or X, floating ball, supported by four seats, relief seats, anti-static device, fire safe, pressure balance hole in ball, blow-out proof stem.


High performance low emission double stuffing box. 
Internal wetted parts are in acc. to NACE Standard MR0103.

ANSI Class 300
DesigniISO 17292
EndFlanges acc. to ASME B16.5 RF
Face to face             Estánd. fab.
Top flange     ISO 5211 
TestingsISO 5208
Type approval
 Bureau Veritas
  GOST-Russian Federation Arms
Clean air
 TA-Luft (TÜV Südwest)
SIL Certification
 Exida Certification - SIL 3


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