CLASS 600-900-1500-2500, NPS 1/2"-6"x4"

Floating ball, CLASS 600-900-1500-2500
AP Type


Full or reduced bore, fully welded body, floating ball, relief seats, anti-static device, fire safe, pressure balance hole in ball, blow-out proof stem.


High performance low emission double stuffing box. 
Internal wetted parts are in acc, to NACE Standard MR0175.

Metal to Metal tightness
Extended stems
Cryogenic service


DesignISO 14313 / API 6D 
EndFlanges ASME B16.5 RF // RTJ
Face to faceASME B16.10 long pattern
Top flange         ISO 5211 
TestingsISO 14313 /API 6D 
Fire safe tested        ISO 10497/ API 607
Fire safe
 Bureau Veritas
Type approval
 Bureau Veritas
 GOST-Russian Federation Arms
 Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Clean air
 TA-Luft (TÜV-Südwest)
SIL Certification
 Exida Certification - SIL 3






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